BI & Analytics

“In today’s fast moving business world, organizations are hard pressed to predict benefical routes of growth, respond to unforeseen business changes and generate pertinent information that meets the needs of stakeholders. So, we can say that INTEGERATED REPORTING is required for Enterprise Growth which is fullfilled through Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytic tools.

Our combination of deep ERP expertise as well as prepackaged BI application gives us an edge over other in deploying BI Applications.

“An Oracle BI application consists of prebuilt, industry-specific dashboards and reports which address key functional areas within your organization.

RAL team can help you identify the optimal product and configure or customize it based on your business needs following industry best practices.”



We help enterprises implement Oracle business intelligence solutions leveraging the full benefits of modern BI platforms, enterprise data management platforms and DataOps practices.

Oracle BI and database integration planning and configuration

Architecture, Data Analysis, Data Elements & Data Modelling

Defining, Developing and Publishing BI Reports

ETL Strategy, Design and ODI

Metadata Analysis, Design & Architecture


Oracle BI Analytics (OBIA) is a powerful enterprise BI tool that allows companies to transform their transactional data into analytical information. Its ability to self-enable business users to retrieve data, with minimal or no help from IT empowers stakeholders and reduces the effective data-to-decision time. However, a successful OBIA implementation requires careful
planning and flawless execution to take full advantage of this powerful tool.

RAL Infosystems offers a two-week fixed fee engagement to assess the OBIA implementation and provide recommendations for improvements.